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By pioneering aspirations and long-term and sustainable development strategies. VELA GROUP strives to become a multidisciplinary company in health care and beauty from the leading and prestigious nature of Vietnam and abroad. VELA 2020 becomes the No. 1 company in the minds of consumers with essential oils.

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Along with the comprehensive development, VELA Invest Group is proud to be a pioneer in service business associated with consumer products for health care and beauty, giving customers a good experience. The most quality products originated from Vietnam. The focus, research and development of projects with completely different ideas to contribute to the market of new “breakthroughs”, while contributing to elevating the position of Vietnam’s young economy in the market. international.

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Hanoi, January 25, 2018


Sustainable Development

By pioneering aspirations with investment strategy – sustainable development, taking essential oils as a key area, VELA Group strives...

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